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Launched in 2023, we are passionately committed to empowering people from all walks of life to embrace a more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

Health Benefits

Sea Moss capsules

If you're on the hunt for the ultimate supplement to enhance your overall well-being, look no further – this blend is your answer. Sea moss has long been celebrated as a powerhouse of health, known to:

  • Experience a newfound sense of vitality, boundless energy for adventurous pursuits.
  • Boost thyroid function and even researched for its potential cancer-fighting properties. 
  • Our Irish sea moss, rich in potassium, plays a crucial role in renewing cells and transmitting electrical signals within your body.
  • Fight Anemia
  • With the added benefits of iodine, our sea moss blend strengthens your brain and central nervous system, providing natural focus, mental clarity, and an uplifting mood. 
  • A clear mind for meditation, and heightened creative thinking. 
  • Bid farewell to tired eyes during late-night shifts – Meshed Earth's sea moss blend keeps you productive and awake.
  • Combat cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, and unhealthy foods. 
  • Rid your body of parasites from meat consumption, and watch as your arthritic bones regain their mobility.
  • Embrace your reflection as your skin radiates a healthy glow, your hair transforms into silky elegance, and your cells regenerate, free from toxins and heavy metals. This is the transformative miracle we offer.
  • Reduce Mucus and inflammation

Liquid Chlorophyll

Our liquid chlorophyll supplement is a simple, yet powerful way to energize your body, boost your wellness, and give you that fresh, healthy glow. An all-natural supplement made with mulberry leaves and free of gluten, preservatives, and artificial colors; This product is pure, effective, and packed with benefits such as and not limited to:

  • Toxin removal, with detoxifying properties that will leave you feeling lighter and clearer.
  • Boosted immunity, thanks to the natural power of chlorophyll to support your red blood cells.
  • Radiant skin, as the chlorophyll works its magic to rejuvenate your complexion, eliminate scars, premature aging and acne.
  • Neutralize body odor and gives your breathe and body a fresh smell
  • Overall health, with improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and increased energy.
  • And an overall sense of lightness and vitality, as you feel the benefits of this all-natural supplement.

Super Greens powder

Take in all the nutrients you need for your overall well-being with our Super Greens powder! A meticulously crafted fusion of over 100 nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

This potent formula, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants does the following:

  • Supports immune function, aids detoxification, enhances digestion, and offers a natural energy boost.

With key ingredients like organic wheat grass, spirulina, antioxidant-rich fruits, and a blend of prebiotics and probiotics, Super Greens contributes to:

  • Skin health, heart health, metabolism, and gut balance.
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