A Letter From the Founder of Meshed Earth ♡

A Letter From the Founder of Meshed Earth ♡

Who Am I?

From a thought, to an idea, to a business concept, to actual physical product development 💭🛒!!

If you can daydream about something that you really want to do or create (the spiritual process ✨), then you can put a plan and a strategy together to produce it and make it happen (the physical process 🤲🏾)!

My name is Amber Folasade Ogunsola (waves hi 👋🏾) and I am an entrepreneur and native of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I come from a Black American and a Nigerian heritage and I have a deep love for people, the diaspora and the black community at large. I am also the visionary and founder behind Meshed Earth wellness and I'm here to let you know that if you follow your dreams and start strategizing today, before you know it your wildest dreams will come true right before your eyes 👀!

My Faith

You don't believe me? Let me tell you 📢:

I had no idea how I would launch my wellness brand Meshed Earth because I didn't have the funds 💰 and I couldn't find a stable job to save my life that would fund my dream business. But guess what?.. I had my faith! And through that The Most High made a way out of literally no way! I mean literally 🚜🚧. He blessed me in the midst of my doubts, worries & uncertainty, all because I was obedient. I still worked on my business idea day in and day out, all while facing poverty, homelessness, stagnation and unemployment!!

If you want to be an entrepreneur or a startup founder but you have HUGE obstacles in your pathway, then put all of your trust and faith in Him. Rest assured that He will do all of the heavy lifting (financing, investing, business connections, vendors, insurance, etc) while you do the easy part (prayer, fasting, worship, studying scripture, etc).

I'm a living testament. Don't wait, start breaking these generational curses TODAY 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

How It All Started

My business Meshed Earth first started off in the direction of a DIY-wellness brand.

We initially sold products such as: shea butter, castor oil, rose water, cocoa butter, aloe vera, charcoal powder, etc with the intention to teach people how to create personal care products 🛁 from all-natural ingredients.

Our products were 100% raw and natural. So with this direction we wanted our customers to be able to custom-craft bodycare, skincare and lifestyle products 🧴 that were made with them in mind and their specifically-tailored wellness needs.

We wanted to be like a black-owned Public Goods or Brandless, because we loved the idea of turning the focus away from the cliche name brands and putting the attention back on quality product development for the consumer.

However, after about a year of this concept while living in Houston, Texas, things changed for me mentally. My mother who lives in Baltimore, Maryland was diagnosed with kidney disease. This traumatic life event gave me the bright idea to switch the focus of my business from external wellness to internal wellness 🫁 – such as vitamins, herbs and supplements.

From Pain To Purpose

With my mom now on dialysis, I couldn’t help but think that if she ate healthier foods and used certain herbs 🥬 and supplements 🥤 then there could have been a possibility of her not living with this life-altering health condition.

And not just her, but also so many others in the black community who are diagnosed yearly with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease and kidney disease, etc.

I decided to turn my brand Meshed Earth into a movement to help save lives by serving the people in our communities via preventative wellness! Educating them on internal health 🩻 and providing them with quality wellness products that helps improve their overall lifestyle.

Our Official Grand Opening & Launch

So that brings me to today, which is our official grand opening 🥳! After pivoting the direction of Meshed Earth in December 2022, my team and I have been working so hard behind the scenes to get everything online and store ready for our customers📍.

After countless sleepless nights and putting my heart and soul into this brand, today on June 1, 2024, Meshed Earth is finally available for purchase online to the public 💻!

I want to thank our employees, customers, supporters, and patrons - and most of all I would like to thank The Most High Yahuah & His son, our savior Yahusha for making this day possible 🙏🏾!

We look forward to continually providing quality, innovative products and excellent customer service to all of our customers and educating our communities on living a healthier lifestyle. Cheers to our official launch & new beginning 🎉! It’s go time!!

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